TOP TO TOE is my first solo release. What I am as a guitarist and musician nowadays is on it. It's an instrumental album full of diversity in terms of music styles. The same diversity that has accompained me over my musical developement. I've never wanted to listen or work on a particular style. I enjoy music by going inside it, no matter what "brand" it is, I just leave it to tell me what It has to tell. Wich I think music is: A vehicle to transmit sensations. As a result in Top To Toe you can find rock-funk tunes as "Beck Thing", jazz fusion ("Melancholiae 2"), classic guitar music ("Shared Moments"), instrumental pop ("New Year") or worldmusic ("Maya Ko Phul").

  The album was recorded in three days at Infinity Studios in Madrid, Spain. It was the first time I recorded there but I'm sure it won't be the last one. I decided to produce the album by myself and go to Baselga Brothers (Pablo y Pedro) to record it. I don't regret it. A lot of good musicians I admire have recorded there and I thought It was the perfect studio for my music. We recorded live with the band and did some overdubs. The result is very natural but It didn't loose the quality of a good studio recording.

  Most of the times the tunes don't come from a particular situation or story. I usually play with a melodic, harmonic o rhythym idea I have on my mind and come up with the tune. "My sweet beat" is an exception. This is a short description of the story of every tune in the album:

1. MELANCHOLIAE 2: A very atmospheric tune, It's probably the most emblematic of the album because of its diversity. I'm very happy to have guitarist Javier Sánchez, a musical reference in Spain, doing the final solo.

2. SNOW:  It was written on a November morning, I didn't notice it was snowing outside. I went to the window and saw the beautiful sight, so when I came back in to write the song it developed into a two parts.

3. BECK THING: It is a fun tribute to one of my favorite guitarists, Jeff Beck, with all my respect and admiration. I'm very proud of " my brother's" work, Ángel and Jesus. We have such a wonderful conexion when we play as a trio.


4. FRESH AIR: The oldest tune on the album. A tribute to another big influence of mine, Dominic Miller, who has given me some good musical advice since I met him.  It's a big honour having percussionist Rhani Krija on this album. He plays in Dominic's band and both are Sting's musicians as well. Rhani came to the studio a day after playing with guitar legend Al Di Meola in Madrid and we started to record without previous rehearsal. As a result there's a fun jam at the end of the tune. Pianist Javier Lozano does a great job on it. I'm so delighted with the performance of my mate Alberto Barrero, who l deeply admire.

5. MY SWEET BEAT: Feeling the heartbeat of a baby living inside your body must be outstanding. Things that Men miss...

6.  SHARED MOMENTS: I usually need to be alone to write but when the company is so special, composing is even better.

7.  MAYA KO PHUL: The track that i composed the fastest. I like the simplicity and calmness on it. I'm so happy with the result of the recording. Once again Rhani was crucial for shaping it. As well as my great friend and singer Monica Sans, who recorded those wonderful vocals and gave me, among other many things, the title for the tune.

8.  NEW YEAR: Literally "Last but not least". The last one I wrote, chosen to be "the 8" but it became one of my favourites.

Band ( Left to right): Ángel Novillo (drums), Luis Morate (guitars), Javier Lozano (Keyboard), Jesús Novillo (bass)

Band (left to right): Javier Lozano (keyboard), Luis Morate (guitars), Jesús Novillo (bass), Rhani Krija (percussion), Monica Sans (vocals)