Guitarist, composer and arranger. He studied at BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC (Boston) and ESCUELA DE MÚSICA CREATIVA (Madrid). He has worked for several artists and bands, playing pop, rock, funk, soul, bossa... Guitarist for ROCK FM band (2011-2013 Tour). Member of SINFONITY "The First Electric Guitar Orchestra" in 2011-2013. He performed at MOSCOW OLIMPIC STADIUM and traveled to USA with legendary group BARRABAS  in 2010. He works for DOMINIC MILLER (STING's guitrist) as promoter and assistant in Spain. Guitarist for Pablo Vega (El Número Uno, Antena 3), Cristina Gestido, Rocío Pavón (Ex Ella Baila Sola), Sara Ráez, The Lucilles, Mym, Joaquín Padilla (Iguana Tango), Álex Sienna, Versilia... He has worked in studio with producers JUAN DE DIOS MARTÍN, FERNANDO MONTESINOS, IKER ARRANZ, PABLO PINILLA... He has recorded for tv and cinema spots. In 2012 he performed at XXIX FESTIVAL DE JAZZ DE MADRID with singer Mónica Sans. In 2013 he recorded, produced and arranged Chance's album, working with RHANI KRIJA (STING's and PRINCE's percussionist among others). HONOURABLE MENTION FOR BEST MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT in 2013 for his performance with Sara Ráez at "Certamen de Cantautores de Elche". In 2015 he releases his first solo album "TOP TO TOE", wich shows his varied influences and includes performances by JAVIER SÁNCHEZ, ALBERTO BARRERO, RHANI KRIJA, etc.